What’s Covered?

Much more than you may think!

When It Comes to Healthy Smiles, We've Got You Covered

Everyone should have a healthy smile. With Delta Dental Smiles, you have great benefits.  You also have access to great dentists.  Now is the time to start using those benefits!  Make an appointment with your dentist and remember to tell them you have Delta Dental Smiles! 

We pay for covered dental services if:

  • Medically needed dental services
  • Done by a Delta Dental Smiles network dentist
  • Covered under the Arkansas Medicaid dental program, including any limits

Your Delta Dental Smiles benefits (subject to some limits) will pay up to $500 for medically necessary dental care. 

These services include:

Preventive Services:

  • Office visits
  • Cleanings and exams
  • Fluoride treatments


  • Fillings
  • Stainless steel crowns


  • Extractions
  • Biopsies
  • Surgical treatment of diseases, injuries, deformities and defects 

Other Services:

  • X-rays
  • Gum maintenance
  • Dentures, partials 

Bonus Benefits Delta Dental Offers:

  • 1 extra cleaning for expectant mothers
  • 1 extra cleaning if you have periodontal disease

Before your dental visit, be sure to ask the dentist if all services are covered.

More Details are Available

For complete benefit information, please refer to the Delta Dental Smiles handbook.  The handbook can be downloaded on this page.  

Preauthorizations (Approval)

Certain services or benefits require Delta Dental’s preauthorization.  Your dentist needs to get approval from us.

If the services are not approved by Delta Dental, you and your dentist will receive written notices.  If you still want the services, you will be responsible for paying the dentist. You may Appeal that decision by following the Appeal Process. Click here to learn more or call us at 1-866-864-2499.